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Yes, I know the date is April 1st, but I assure you, this is not a joke. 😛

Hello world! After a month and half, I have finally officially opened my art website! Welcome!

My name is Vanessa Baladad, (or to some of you, Mrs. Yu).  I must admit that it’s a bit intimidating putting out this website, especially putting out my name (as opposed to hiding behind usernames).  It’s been a very long time since I’ve made a website and I am fortunate that I still remember my website making skills.  Here on this site you will find my artist bio, CV (aka resume), and of course, my portfolio of work dating from my undergrad till now.  There is also a store where you can buy print reproductions of my work as well as a few originals.  On this blog I will showcase my artwork, document works in progress, share inspirational sites, quotes, videos, etc., and post personal posts once in awhile.

So please take a look around, share your thoughts and comments, follow me on my various social-networking sites (Facebook coming soon), subscribe to my mailing list for news/updates, and perhaps buy some art. 😀

Thank you all for visiting,


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