“Pls, Mr. Dr. ♥” and return of blogging

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New painting and return of blogging!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on my actual website. Awhile back I had switched it to a Tumblr blog thinking it would be easier to blog and reblog things on there (and it actual is) but I realized that I’m hardly on Tumblr. But it is still up in the menu and links for viewing. Now that I’m back here I definitely need to update some plug-ins and stuff, and I find my wordpress skills rusty yet again. -_- My fault.

And now for something more interesting. I’ve finally made my first complete painting for 2014. Yes, it’s been quite a struggle with artist block and work and life. But this past month and this month I’ve been making an effort to make more art and finally get things done. More about that on another post.

still9-3410“Pls, Mr. Dr. ♥” (Please, Mister Doctor Love)

This painting came about randomly, from the size, subject, and title. I had a scrap of 4.5 x 20 inch paper laying around and I hate wasting so I painted a really widescreen-like scene. It is based off a photo I took of my friends and sister during an impromptu “photoshoot” during our young university days.  They found some books at the library that reflected their personalities (highly exaggerated, of course).  I like how the way they hold their books shows their openness toward the subject. The first girl is almost being secretive, covering most of her face, while the second girl has a more concentrated look really trying to understand the book, while the last girl openly reads on nonchalantly without a care.  The title was originally going to be an Untitled painting or “Img 9” which was the ninth image from this photoset. But I finally came up with the current title from a song lyric of a Japanese song that I wanted to use for some time and finally found a painting fitting to be titled that. It somewhat implies our need, especially women, to seek out love advice from self-help books and experts.  Overall, I find it witty and honestly, this is the most “naughty” you will see in my work…for now.



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