Vanessa Baladad is a visual artist originally from Augusta, GA.  She received her BFA in Painting and Drawing from Augusta State University in 2009.

An Army brat born in Germany of 1984, Vanessa has lived and traveled around many places in Europe, Asia, and United States.  She discovered her talent in drawing at a very young age, accurately copying figures from books and cartoons.  Throughout her grade school and high school years she has received numerous awards and merits in art, which led the way to pursuing art in college.  Asian culture, especially pop culture, has been the biggest influence of her work. The subjects of her work are mostly figurative and are modeled after Asian celebrities, herself, or friends & family. She considers herself an “all around Asian”, taking influences from Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian cultures.

Vanessa likes working with all kinds of two-dimensional media, from watercolor, printmaking, and stenciling.  Watercolor is her current medium of choice.  She likes using them in non-traditional ways, such as pouring watercolors as oppose to brushing; and silk screening on glass rather than on paper.  She is always seeking out different ways to work and present these media in different ways.  Experimenting, taking risks, and accepting accidents as part of the artwork are part of her process.  Aside from Asian themes, Vanessa likes to incorporate styles from graphic design, street art, music, Internet culture, as well as using inside jokes, puns, and wordplay.

Her work has been featured in shows around her hometown of Augusta, and in publications such as “Splash 14”, a yearly publication featuring the “best of” watercolor paintings from artists around the world.  She currently lives in Georgia USA, north of Atlanta with her husband and their five… reptile pets, and dog “nephew”.