“Elevator… People, people, people…” (2008)

16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas

Taken from a video still, the painting portrays popular Japanese pop group Morning Musume in an elevator. At first glance it appears as if there is a huge crowd of people in the elevator when there is actually only 8-9 people as a result of the mirrored walls of the elevator. Their lineup at the time (2008) consisted of 9 members. Only 7 of the 9 members are visible in the picture, while an 8th member's shoulder (lower right) is only shown, and the 9th member nowhere to be found. The title comes from an exact quote by one of the members who wanted to say "many people in the elevator." but only came out with the resulting sentence in broken English. Ironically the member who said this is not in the picture (it may the one whose shoulder is showing). When I saw this still I immediately thought of the quote. Oil painting is not my strongest medium but I had fun painting this. I actually want to do a watercolor version of this one day.



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